Navigating a Shifting Global Landscape and Changing World Order

Assessing the Risks and Opportunities

The 2023 Global Fiduciary Symposium Japan theme acknowledges the rapid rate of change in the world order and encourages discussion on how we can adapt to these changes and thrive amidst uncertainty. It also recognizes that while there are certainly challenges, there are also opportunities for growth and progress. It has been nearly 100 years since investors have had to consider the convergence of such massive geopolitical, economic, and social changes. What do these seismic thematic shifts mean for Japan’s pension and retirement system, and what can we learn from investors around the world to manage risk and leverage the opportunities before us? While interest rate risk, inflation, and aging demographics are the “tri-fecta” of challenges, climate and energy transition, infrastructure, inflation protection real assets, and the increased use of investment technology present unprecedented opportunity for diversification and capturing Alpha.

2023 Conference Overview

While most developed economies at the start of 2023 have struggled due to inflation and investors are pivoting to manage changes in monetary policy, Japan is showing its strength and resiliency as the most important leader in the Asia region, and a stabilizing force on the world stage. This year’s Global Fiduciary Symposium held in Tokyo, (formerly GPS) will bring together Japan’s most important pension and retirement executives, along with global executives responsible for fiduciary and pension assets, to discuss how to manage returns, risks, and reforms in Japan and around the world. Now in its 17th year, the Symposium provides the highest level of insights from Japan’s leaders as well as those in the leading global pension markets.

Delegates of the Global Fiduciary Symposium have a unique opportunity to meet and hear from the world’s most important leaders on November 13-15, 2023, in Tokyo, who are shaping the pension and retirement landscape. The first day of the Symposium will focus on Japan’s growing defined contribution savings, with guest speakers from around the world who are retirement plan leaders. The DC program will be followed by a two-day Symposium focused on the latest investment, governance, and regulatory trends on defined benefit plans.

Our mission is to improve the outcomes for asset owners and ultimately beneficiaries, by facilitating communication and transparency of information by bringing leaders together, live, and in-person, at the 2023 Global Fiduciary Symposium.

“The level of the speakers, including those invited from overseas, was extremely high. I wanted to listen longer.”

– Research Institute

“It was helpful to hear opinions from a variety of perspectives, including institutional investors, asset management companies, and consultants.”

– Public Pension Fund

“It was a great reference for how to manage the fund in the future.“

– Corporate Pension Fund

“The content of each lecture was very interesting because it was a slightly different point of view from the usual domestic lectures. Thank you very much."

– Corporate Pension Fund




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